Winston Wei Dou

Selected Invited Discussions


LBS Summer Finance Symposium
"Innovation-Driven Contractions: A Key to Unravel Asset Pricing Puzzles"
By Gill Segal (UNC) & Chao Ying (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Red Rock Finance Conference
"Finance in a Time of Disruptive Growth"
By Nicolae Garleanu (Washington University) & Stavros Panageas (UCLA)

The 8th Annual Young Scholars Finance Consortium 
"The Present Value Of Future Market Power"
By Thummim Cho (LSE), Marco Grotteria (LBS), Lukas Kremens (University of Washington), & Howard Kung (LBS)

The 9th University Of Connecticut Finance Conference 
"Why Is Asset Demand Inelastic?"
By Carter Davis (Indiana University), Mahyar Kargar (UIUC), & Jiacui Li (University of Utah)

SFS Finance Cavalcade Conference 
"Markup Shocks and Asset Prices"
By Alexandre Corhay (University of Toronto), Jun E. Li (University of Warwick), & Jincheng Tong (University of Toronto)

Western Finance Association (WFA) Conference 
"Income Risk and Flow Hedging by Mutual Funds"
By Amirabas Salarkia (Tilburg University)

Jacobs Levy Center’s 2024 Frontiers in Quantitative Finance Conference
"Can ChatGPT Forecast Stock Price Movements? Return Predictability and Large Language Models"
By Alejandro Lopez-Lira (University of Florida) & Yuehua Tang (University of Florida)


American Finance Association (AFA) Annual Meeting
"Efficiency Or Resiliency? Corporate Choice Between Financial And Operational Hedging"
By Viral V. Acharya (NYU), Heitor Almeida (UIUC), Yakov Amihud (NYU), & Ping Liu (Purdue University)

NYU Stern Microstructure Conference
"Algorithmic Pricing and Liquidity in Securities Markets"
By Jean-Edouard Colliard (HEC Paris), Thierry Foucault (HEC Paris), & Stefano Lovo (HEC Paris)

SFS Finance Cavalcade Conference
"Appropriated Growth"
By Yuchen Chen (UIUC), Xuelin Li (Columbia University), Richard T. Thakor (University of Minnesota), & Colin Ward (University of Minnesota)

Jacobs Levy Center’s 2023 Frontiers in Quantitative Finance Conference
"Reversals and the Returns to Liquidity Provision"
By Wei Dai (Dimensional Fund Advisors), Mamdouh Medhat (Dimensional Fund Advisors), Robert Novy-Marx (University of Rochester), & Savina Rizova (Dimensional Fund Advisors)

China International Conference in Finance (CICF)
"Strategic Investment under Uncertainty with First- and Second-mover Advantages"
By Min Dai (Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Zhaoli Jiang (Hong Kong Polytechnic University), & Neng Wang (Columbia University)

Bretton Woods Accounting and Finance Conference
"Deciphering Greenium: the Role of Investor Demand"
By Liying Wang (University of Nebraska) & (Julie) Wu (University of Nebraska)

ILE/Wharton Law and Finance Seminar
"Collateral Reallocation"
By Jason Roderick Donaldson (USC), Denis Gromb (HEC Paris), & Giorgia Piacentino (USC)

Midwest Finance Association (MFA) Annual Meeting
"Illiquidity and Inequality"
By Daniel Neuhann (UT Austin) & Michael Sockin (UT Austin)

Midwest Finance Association (MFA) Annual Meeting
"Learning about the Consumption Risk Exposure of Firms"
By Yongjin Kim (University of New Mexico), Lars-Alexander Kuehn (Carnegie Mellon University), & Kai Li (Peking University)


Conference on Frontiers in Machine Learning and Economics at Philadelphia Fed
"Structural Deep Learning in Conditional Asset Pricing"
By Jianqing Fan (Princeton University), Zheng Tracy Ke (Harvard University), Yuan Liao (Rutgers University), & Andreas Neuhierl (Washington University)

Finance, Organizations and Markets (FOM) Research Group Conference
"The Epidemiology of Financial Constraints"
By William Grieser (Texas Christian University), Ioannis Spyridopoulos (American University), & Morad Zekhnini (Michigan State University)

The 5th World Symposium on Investment Research
"Cash Heterogeneity and the Payout Channel of Monetary Policy"
By Altan Pazarbasi (Bilkent University)

Western Finance Association (WFA) Conference
"Price Rigidities and Credit Risk"
By Patrick Augustin (McGill University), Linxiao Francis Cong (McGill University), Alexandre Corhay (University of Toronto), & Michael Weber (University of Chicago)

SFS Finance Cavalcade Conference
"Financial and Total Wealth Inequality with Declining Interest Rates"
By Daniel Greenwald (MIT), Matteo Leombroni (Stanford University), Hanno Lustig (Stanford University), & Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh (Columbia University)

PKU/PHBS Sargent Institute Workshop on Macroeconomics and Finance
"Does Climate Change Impact Sovereign Bond Yields?"
By Michael Barnett (ASU) & Constantine Yannelis (University of Chicago)

Midwest Finance Association (MFA) Annual Meeting
"Model Identification vs. Market Efficiency"
By Alex Chinco (Baruch University)

Midwest Finance Association (MFA) Annual Meeting
"Equilibrium Value and Profitability Premium"
By Hengjie Ai (University of Minnesota), Jun E. Li (SAIF), & Jincheng Tong (University of Toronto)


The 4th Finance Symposium at INSEAD
"Priceless Consumption"
By Frederico Belo (INSEAD) & Andres Donangelo (UT Austin)

ILE/Wharton Law and Finance Seminar
"Noisy Factors"
By Pat Akey (University of Toronto), Adriana Robertson (University of Chicago), & Mikhail Simutin (University of Toronto)

Oxford Saïd – Risk Center at ETH Zürich Macro-finance Conference
"The Value of Arbitrage"
By Eduardo Davila (Yale University), Daniel Graves (Yale University), & Cecilia Parlatore (NYU)

Western Finance Association (WFA) Conference
"The Effect of Stock Ownership on Individual Spending and Loyalty"
By Paolina C. Medina (University of Houston), Vrinda Mittal (UNC), & Michaela Pagel (Columbia University)

Financial Intermediation Research Society (FIRS) Conference
"The Effect of Principal Reduction on Household Distress: Evidence from Mortgage Cramdown"
By Jacelly Cespedes (University of Minnesota), Carlos Parra Pontificia (Universidad Católica de Chile), & Clemens Sialm (UT at Austin)


The 33rd AFBC
"The Utilization Premium"
By Fotis Grigoris (Indiana University) and Gill Segal (UNC)

The 9th Conference on Derivatives by the CDI and HEC Montreal
"Dark Matter in (Volatility and) Equity Option Risk Premiums"
By Gurdip Bakshi (Temple University), John Crosby (University of Maryland), & Xiaohui Gao (Temple University)

Western Finance Association (WFA) Conference
"Do the Right Firms Survive Bankruptcy?"
By Samuel Antill (Harvard University)

RCFS/RAPS Winter Conference
"A New Perspective on the Price & Amount of Consumption Risk: Implications on Asset Dynamics"
By Redouane Elkamhi (University of Toronto) & Chanik Jo (University of Toronto)

Financial Intermediation Research Society (FIRS) Conference
"Counterparty Risk: Implications for Network Linkages and Asset Prices"
By Fotis Grigoris (Indiana University), Yunzhi Hu (UNC), & Gill Segal (UNC)

Midwest Finance Association (MFA) Annual Meeting
"Risk-sharing and Investment according to Cournot and Arrow-Debreu"
By Daniel Neuhann (UT Austin) & Michael Sockin (UT Austin)

Midwest Finance Association (MFA) Annual Meeting
"The Leading Premium"
By Mariano (Max) Massimiliano Croce (Bocconi University), Tatyana Marchuk (BI Norwegian Business School), & Christian Schlag Goethe (University Frankfurt)

Midwest Finance Association (MFA) Annual Meeting
"Jumps and the Correlation Risk Premium: Evidence from Equity Options"
By Nicole Branger (University of Münster), René Marian Flacke (University of Münster), T. Frederik Middelhoff (University of Münster), & Julian Thimme (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)


NYU Five-Star Conference on Research in Finance
"Valuing Private Equity Investments Strip by Strip"
By Arpit Gupta (NYU) & Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh (Columbia University)

NBER Dynamic Equilibrium Models Meeting
"Valuation Risk Revalued"
By Oliver de Groot (University of Liverpool), Alexander W. Richter (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas), & Nathaniel A. Throckmorton (College of William & Mary)

European Finance Association (EFA) Conference
"Q: Risk, Rents, or Growth?"
By Alexandre Corhay (University of Toronto), Howard Kung (London Business School), & Lukas Schmid (University of Southern California)

Western Finance Association (WFA) Conference
"Reflexivity in Credit Markets"
By Robin M. Greenwood (Harvard University), Samuel G. Hanson (Harvard University), & Lawrence J. Jin (Cornell University)

SFS Finance Cavalcade Conference
"Bond Risk Premia with Machine Learning"
By Daniele Bianchi (Queen Mary University of London), Matthias Büchner (University of Cambridge), & Andrea Tamoni (Rutgers)

Mitsui Finance Symposium at University of Michigan
"Government Debt and Risk Premia"
By Yang Liu (University of Hong Kong)

HEC-McGill Winter Finance Workshop
"How Risky is the U.S. Corporate Sector?"
By Tetiana Davydiuk (Carnegie Mellon University), Scott Richard (University of Pennsylvania), Ivan Shaliastovich (University of Wisconsin - Madison), & Amir Yaron (University of Pennsylvania)


PKU/PHBS Sargent Institute Workshop on Macroeconomics and Finance
"Disclosure, Competition, and Learning from Asset Prices"
By Liyan Yang (University of Toronto) & Yan Xiong (HKUST)

European Finance Association (EFA) Conference
"The Endowment Model and Modern Portfolio Theory"
By Stephen G. Dimmock (National University of Singapore), Neng Wang (Columbia University), & Jinqiang Yang (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)


UNC Chapel Hill Junior Finance Roundtable
"Production Networks and Stock Returns: Vertical Creative Destruction"
By Michael Gofman (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Gill Segal (UNC), & Youchang Wu (University of Oregon)

Red Rock Finance Conference
"Creative Destruction and the Rational Evolution of Bubbles"
By Bruce Carlin (UCLA) & Daniel Andrea (UCLA)

Northern Finance Association (NFA) Conference
"Predictive Regressions with Imperfect Predictors"
By Raymond Kan (University of Toronto)

Western Finance Association (WFA) Conference
"Taper Tantrums: QE, its Aftermath and Emerging Market Capital Flows"
By Anusha Chari (UNC), Karlye Dilts Stedman (Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City), & Christian T. Lundblad (UNC)

Midwest Finance Association (MFA) Annual Meeting
"Dynamic Moral Hazard And Irreversible Investment"
By Indrajit Mitra (University of Michigan)


SFS Finance Cavalcade Conference
"Rational Inattention, Misallocation, and Asset Prices"
By Naveen Gondhi (Northwestern University)