Winston Wei Dou


Published or Forthcoming

Common Fund Flows: Flow Hedging and Factor Pricing

Joint with Leonid Kogan, Wei Wu

Journal of Finance, Forthcoming, November 2022
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Winner of NASDAQ Award for the Best Paper on Asset Pricing at Western Finance Association (WFA)

The Oligopoly Lucas Tree

Joint with Yan Ji, Wei Wu

Review of Financial Studies (2022), Vol. 35, Issue 8, 3867-3921
Online Appendix

Winner of AAII Award for the Best Paper on Investments at Midwestern Finance Association (MFA)

Measuring the “Dark Matter” in Asset Pricing Models

Joint with Hui Chen, Leonid Kogan

Journal of Finance (2024), Vol. 79, No. 2, 843-902
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Winner of Best Paper Award at the Red Rock Finance Conference

Dissecting Bankruptcy Frictions

Joint with Lucian Taylor, Wei Wang, Wenyu Wang

Journal of Financial Economics (2021), Vol. 142, Issue 3, 975-1000
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Editor's choice at the JFE, December 2021

Winner of Jacobs Levy Center Outstanding Research Paper Prize

Competition, Profitability, and Discount Rates

Joint with Yan Ji, Wei Wu

Journal of Financial Economics (2021), Vol. 140, No. 2, 582-620
Online Appendix

Winner of Best Paper Award at China International Conference in Macroeconomics

Featured in HKUST University Annual Report as "research breakthroughs" of the year, "Insights into Product Market Competition"    

External Financing and Customer Capital: A Financial Theory of Markups

Joint with Yan Ji

Management Science (2021), Vol. 67, No. 9, 5569-5585
Online Appendix

Macroeconomic Models for Monetary Policies: A Critical Review from a Finance Perspective

Joint with Andrew W. Lo, Ameya Muley, Harald Uhlig

Annual Review of Financial Economics (2020), Vol. 12, No. 1, 95-140

Featured by Economics One (of John Taylor), "Macro Model Comparison Research Takes Off."

Mentioned by IMF Speeches on Monetary and Capital Markets, "Alternative Monetary Policy Paths and Downside Risk."        

Inalienable Customer Capital, Corporate Liquidity and Stock Returns

Joint with Yan Ji, David Reibstein, Wei Wu

Journal of Finance (2021), Vol. 76, No.1, 211-265
Online Appendix

Winner of Marshall Blume Prize in Financial Research at the Rodney L. White Center 

Winner of PwC Finance Forum Best Paper Award

Ensemble Subsampling for Imbalanced Multivariate Two-Sample Tests

Joint with Lisha Chen, Zhihua Qiao

Journal of the American Statistical Association (2013), Volume 108, Issue 504
Online Appendix

Estimation in Functional Regression for General Exponential Families

Joint with David Pollard, Harrison Zhou

Annals of Statistics (2012), Vol. 40, No.5, 2421-2451
Online Appendix

Winner of  I. R. Savage Award by the American Statistical Association

Working Papers

Fund Flows and Income Risk of Fund Managers

Joint with Xiao Cen, Leonid Kogan, Wei Wu

Revise and Resubmit, April 2023
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The constructed dataset is the first-ever to contain the detailed information on fund managers' compensation and career history, having been compiled based on the US Census Bureau's LEHD program and leveraging various "big" textual data sources.

Featured in Media (NBER Digest), "Fund Flows, Returns, and Mutual Fund Managers’ Pay."

Featured in Media (Investment Executive), "It’s AUM that matters most to managers’ careers."

Featured in Media (Institutional Money Magazine, in German)                            

Misallocation and Asset Prices

Joint with Yan Ji, Di Tian, Pengfei Wang

February 2024
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Winner of Best Paper Award on Asset Pricing at the Northern Finance Association (NFA)

AI-Powered Trading, Algorithmic Collusion, and Price Efficiency

Joint with Itay Goldstein, Yan Ji

October 2023
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Winner of Jacob Gold & Associates Best Paper Prize at the ASU Sonoran Winter Finance Conference

Winner of Best Paper Award at the Melbourne Asset Pricing Meeting

Winner of Best Paper Award at the China FinTech Research Conference (CFTRC)

Featured in Media (Knowledge at Wharton, Fair Observer), "How AI-powered Collusion in Stock Trading Could Hurt Price Formation."

Featured in Media (BOSS Magazine), "The Rise of Trading Bots."

Featured in Bank of England Speeches on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Financial Stability, "Monsters in the Deep?"                

Competition Network and Predictable Industry Returns

Joint with Wei Wu

August 2023

Winner of Richard A. Crowell Memorial Prize, Second Prize, PanAgora Asset Management

Winner of CFA Institute Asia-Pacific Research Exchange Award (NZFM)

Embrace or Fear Uncertainty: Growth Options, Limited Risk Sharing, and Asset Prices

March 2017
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Winner of MFM Dissertation Award at the Becker Friedman Institute

Work in Progress